The Story

On a cold day in the sun I was  thinking: One of these days I’m going to start a Foo Fighters tribute band. My poor brain couldn’t work out how to start this. I should have known that it was just a matter of time when I would have it all. Just need to start something from nothingAll my life I wanted to think of a X-static band name. Coming home after a late night walk under the February stars I thought: This can’t wait till next year.

The next morning the iron rooster started singing. Big me, look at the time. Get up before summer’s end, you don’t want to be a pretender. I was never one for taking things slow, so get on with it! Need to think outside the box, need a generator… I’m a river… floating…  free me… Got it: Grave Dohls!

Good grief that’s it. For all the cows, the name refers to my hero: Dave Grohl Hell, with a name like that we don’t need a miracle. No one is going to throw a monkey wrench into this plan. At time likes these all you need to do is look in the mirror and get it into overdrive. There’s no way back now. So I started the facebook page.

What did I do? With God as my witness I need some help to pull this one off. With a little help of the dear Saint Cecilia the plan came together one by one. Cheer up, boys, I only need a band. But honestly, if that’s the only issue I have to resolve… Nothing is impossible!!! There’s a big prize at the end of the rope. Stranger things have happened, so I just run to the phone… Jurg, this is a call for you bro. How I miss you. Want to be in the band, doll? That was easy. He’s in. Over and out! Guitars sorted!

Preparing for another round. I’m not waiting for next year. Jordy, come back to the practice room and play that bass like your wheels are on fire. Ain’t it the life! Bass player on board! How hard is it to find a drummer? What if I do? I’m willing to pick him up in a white limoThere is nothing left to lose so I contact a friend of a friend. Nick is always ready for another round of banging those drums.

As long as no one goes M.I.A. send in the congregation so we can rock their socks off!